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Lilypad Family Dayhome is a Licensed Family Dayhome in Lake Country, BC.   We provide a warm, loving and safe environment for your little one to learn, play, explore and grow. 

Our program is designed for ages 1-5 (pre-kindergarten) and consists of multiple indoor and outdoor spaces to play and learn.

We welcome children and families of all abilities, incomes, genders, race, religion, and cultures. Please note that child care spots are filled based on best fit, not on a first come, first serve basis. 


Current Openings

At this time (February 2024)  we are closed to full time care and will only be offering occasional care for current families.  Please check our website near the end of 2024 for updates.

For more information contact us at  Please include information about your child's age and child care needs.

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Monthly Fees

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Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative: Lilypad Family Dayhome participates in the BC Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (CCFRI) and is proud to offer quality, affordable child care for families. 

Affordable Child Care Benefit: Families are welcome to apply to BC Affordable Childcare Subsidy to further reduce your out of pocket monthly fees.  Parents are responsible for their full fee until subsidy is approved. 

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