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  • What hours are you open?
    We are open 7:30-5:00 from Monday to Friday.
  • Do you offer part time care?
    Preference is given to full time. Part time care may be available if two families need care on different days.
  • Do you offer before and after school care?
    We do not currently offer before or after school care or drop off/pickup.
  • What does the monthly fee include?
    The monthly fee includes quality care and learning opportunities for your child as well as toys and materials to help your child create and explore. Lunch and two snacks are provided daily as well as baby wipes, sunscreen, and bug spray (unless parents choose to provide an alternate product). We cover field trip and activity costs but ask parents to provide a car seat for their child if possible.
  • Is there a registration fee?
    Yes. We charge a $100 registration fee upon acceptance into our program. This fee helps cover costs associated with setting up your child's file, processing paperwork, intro/transition visits (when possible) and any childcare provided individual items.
  • When are fees due?
    The Parent Portion of fees are due on the first day of every month. Etransfer is the preferred method of payment for the parent portion of fees. Receipts are given on a monthly or yearly basis (depending on parent preference).
  • Does you offer subsidy/fee reduction?
    Yes! Fees are reduced in accordance with with the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (see fee chart for fee breakdown). We also accept subsidy for families who qualify. Parents are responsible for any difference between subsidy/fee reductions and the total monthly rate.
  • Does my child need to be toilet trained?
    No. Children in diapers are welcome. We are happy to support toilet training efforts that are happening at home and will work together with families during the toilet training process.
  • Is my child able to do introductory visits before attending full time?
    Whenever possible, we highly encourage visits prior to starting full days. Once your registration is accepted, welcome visits can be arranged with the childcare provider.
  • My child has allergies. Is your dayhome a good fit?
    Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate pet allergies (we own three kid-loving cats). Common food allergens such as milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat are used in daily meal preparation. If you child has a mild (non life threatening) allergy to a less common allergen please contact us to discuss if your child's needs can be safely accommodated in our home environment.
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