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Colorful Toys

Hands on Learning


Loose Parts Play

A growing movement in early child development is Loose Parts Play, where children have the opportunity to tell stories, create and come up with new ideas by using a variety of materials in unexpected ways.  It helps children think outside the box by trying out new ideas, textures, and objects.  We have a wide variety of loose parts play materials for older children to engage with during naptime for our younger friends. 

Early Learning Skills

Kindergarten is coming up fast for our older friends!  Our early education programing is similar to those found in preschool and pre-k classes.  Children have opportunities to practice fine motor skills such as cutting, gluing, drawing, and early letter recognition and number concepts.  


Monthly Themes

Our monthly themes help guide our learning journey and are incorporated in a variety of ways. During Outer Space month we build rocket ship forts, practice our blast off countdowns, and make solar systems while On the Farm month includes visits to a local farm to see baby sheep and planting our own garden.

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